These terms and conditions are applicable from january 1st 2023 for all goods imported by KARYBEL bv.


      1         Definitions

      In this agreement, unless otherwise stated, following words have following meaning:

      ·         The buyer: Karybel bv

      ·         The vendor: the company where Karybel buys its goods

      ·         The goods: the goods sold by the vendor to the buyer

      ·         The price: the vendors price of the goods

      2         Price

      The price of the goods shall be the price contained in a quotation or as agreed upon in a mutual agreement.

      The total price is including VAT if applicable.

      3         Purchase order

      This purchase order may not be filled at higher prices without the buyer's written permission

      4         Confirmation

      The vendor will send a confirmation and shipping information to the purchaser on the address mentioned on the purchase order.

      5         Packing

      The vendor will provide sufficient packing to ensure safe arrival at the purchaser. No packing charges are allowed without the purchaser written permission.

      6         Incoterms

      Incoterms: The vendor will deliver the products DAP the address mentioned on the order, the vendor who arranges transport will provide a transport insurance. The title and risk of loss of the goods passes from Vendor to Buyer upon receipt of the goods at the delivery address.

      7         Force Majeure

      In case of Force Majeure the buyer has no liability and obligation for payment.

      8         Delivery and risk and documents

      The vendor will arrange shipment and provide all necessary documents for optimal shipment and customs clearance. A EUR1 certificate and commercial invoice shall be provided by the vendor.

      9         Payment

      Payment shall be in Euro. Payment will be completed 30 days after receipt of the goods. Payment will occur by bank transfer.

      10    Warranty

      The vendor warrants that all goods comply with all laws, rules and regulations of the European Union. The warranty is starting at date of delivery from the buyer to its client in a resale situation. The buyer is under no duty to inspect the goods for resale, payment shall not be considered as acceptance. The vendor warrants that the goods are in new, good condition. The title and risk of loss of the goods passes from Vendor to Buyer upon receipt of the goods at the delivery address.

      11    Law

      Choices of Law: the rights and remedies shall be governed by the law of the European Union, the jurisdiction is that of the Brussels court.