Your processes are followed closely and in detail. Thanks to our permanent follow-up and accompanying reports, you get a perfect view of your energy consumption and the quality of your incoming voltage and current (Power Quality). By monitoring the parameters, we can take preventive action and optimize where necessary.

We can take preventive action by monitoring all network parameters.  Preventive and predictive maintenance is implemented on your electrical installation and we can intervene or optimize in time. Due to our different monitoring hardware, we have several options to use the right equipment at different levels in your installation.

Monitoring devices

Power quality monitoring

Karybel is European distributor of specific Power Quality measuring equipment from CTLab. By also providing the equipment for your company, we can monitor the continuity of your processes even more precisely.

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Energy monitoring

Complete package of energy monitoring equipment from a basic energy meter to multiple energy flow measurements.

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Meerkanaals energie monitoring

Energy monitoring of different energy flows, where up to 30 single-phase and 10 three-phase circuits can be measured. Channel selection is completely free, so that both single-phase and three-phase circuits can be measured with one device.

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  • Installation of permanent power quality analysis in chemical company for the purpose of detecting voltage dips

  • Installation of multiple power quality analyzers and event recorders in the transformer station of wind turbines on the North Sea to check the general grid quality

  • Permanent Power quality analysis in order to determine events that cause damage to machines

  • Permanent Power quality monitoring in the car industry in combination with compensation equipment (active filter)

  • Movable Power quality analyzers for wind turbine failure investigation

  • General network quality monitoring in a joinery in order to avoid disturbances

  • Energy monitoring on 30 single-phase circuits in parking garage