Karybel is the electricity expert who ensures the continuity, reliability and efficiency of your production and working environment. Our extensive and accurate analyzes, studies, advice, implementation and monitoring lead to a well-considered and optimal solution for your electrical problem or electrical design. With 20 years of expertise, we are the partner of choice in the field of power quality, electrical energy distribution and decentralized production.

Where you go to the doctor for your own health, you come to us, the doctor for the health of your electrical system.


Karybel guarantees the availability and continuity of electricity in your company. Your company simply cannot run without electricity. We do everything we can to avoid technical unemployment and the major financial consequences. We do not only problem solving but work also proactive and preventive. In this way, your downtime can be reduced to a minimum or zero.


Power Quality Doctor

Utility companies

Our measuring equipment is perfectly suited to check the quality of electrical installations and to monitor the power flow. In this way, faults and sources of interference can be quickly detected and action can be taken in good time to avoid disturbing neighboring installations.

Port and shipping

Ships often experience problems with Power Quality. This can lead to power failures, engine problems and increased fuel consumption. Our monitoring instruments allow to keep the electrical systems in optimal condition and thus save fuel. Our power quality solutions condition the power in order to prevent early failure.

Railway, tramway, metro

Railways rely on optimal Power Quality to prevent unexpected downtime. Our instruments monitor and report extensively on Power Quality to anticipate any problems.


Airports have a wide range of sensitive equipment to ensure normal operation. Our instruments can monitor and report Power Quality problems before they cause downtime and disrupt flight schedules.

We also analyze already occurring faults with our specialized equipment.


Your work environment is always susceptible to disturbances on the electricity grid. Our instruments are there to continuously monitor your installations. This gives us the opportunity to intervene before your equipment fails.

In addition to permanent follow-up, analyzes for acute problems are also part of our services.


The medical sector is about human lives. It is also vital there that the equipment never fails. Our equipment detects problems before they manifest. We constantly monitor to identify failures and deal with them preventively.

We provide services in the broad field of electrical engineering, specializing in Power Quality. Karybel is active in almost all sectors, below a selection of what we can do for you. Of course, if you have a specific problem, we will gladly look into it for you.


Due to the combination of all kinds of devices, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the network quality. That is why it is extremely important to monitor the different consumers. Through our power quality equipment we monitor your installation, through our energy solutions we map your energy flows and optimize your energy consumption.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is an integral part of our society. our equipment is used to monitor and map wind turbines and solar installations, both in terms of grid quality and energy.