Karybel has built up considerable expertise in the field of electrical energy distribution and power quality. This allows us to carry out a wide range of assignments. This does not only include analyzes, but also network studies, calculations, network calculations with Caneco and Neplan, Digsilent Power Factory, ...

In addition to low-frequency problems, we can also analyze EMC failures and propose solutions. For more complex problems, we work with our partner UGent.

In addition, Karybel carries out independent expertise on electrical installations and equipment for companies, governments and private individuals. We carry out this either directly or on behalf of expertise offices and court experts


  • Full calculation of medium voltage distribution, cable sections, ...
  • Economic calculation of optimal cable section of a medium voltage installation
  • Determination of short-circuit currents, settings of protections at medium voltage and selectivity
  • Calculating IS limiter
  • Calculation of current reduction via inductor including simulation effect on short-circuit power
  • Research into EMC failures
  • Engineering of active and passive filters
  • Engineering and commissioning of active filters on ships
  • Calculation filter solutions for CAB failures