Would you like advice and support on a regular basis or not? Then we offer you a consultancy package. This can range from design, engineering, problem solving, monitoring, etc. In short, we guide you in any aspect of your electrical installation, completely customized.

If you would like support in the design of an installation, determine short circuit capacities, protections, ... then we can determine this for you and calculate this for you with professional software such as Caneco and Neplan.


  • Determining the need for a harmonic filter solution
  • Comparison between different methods for harmonic reduction including TCO determination
  • Drawing up company guidelines for protection against indirect contact including company training
  • Drawing up company guidelines for earthing and equipotential bonding including company training
  • Advice when contacting supplier of products where electrical problems cause damage
  • Determine the matter to active / passive filtering when designing a new company
  • Study of control behavior of synchronous machines
  • Study of energy efficiency of alleged efficient electric heating systems
  • Study on virtual power plant
  • Economic feasibility of different solutions
  • Investigation of damage to inverters
  • Research into dimming behavior of street lighting
  • Dimensioning of capacitor batteries in harmoniously polluted environment