Our workflow is a calibrated process that ensures the continuity of your production and working environment. By first finding out where the problem is located, we can work in a more targeted manner and arrive at a sustainable solution.

We offer our services in the broad domain of electrical energy technology with a specialization in Power Quality (grid quality).



When an electrical problem occurs, we analyze the situation and perform measurements to find out exactly where the problem is located. After the analisis we determine the best solution for the problem.

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We determine what is necessary and do the engineering of the project. If desired, we will coordinate the implementation of the offered solution.

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Through our monitoring solutions we follow your processes, in this way we perform predictive and preventive maintenance on your installation.

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Would you like advice and support on a regular basis? Then we can offer you a consultancy package.

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Thanks to partnerships, we can offer you various solutions such as Capacitor banks, passive harmonic filters, active harmonic filters, EMC filters, anti-resonance filters, capacitors, voltage regulators, Voltage dip compensation, ...

In addition to compensation and filter equipment, we offer you various measuring solutions and measuring devices such as energy meters and power quality equipment for which we are the European importer / distributor.

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